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Best Testimonial of 2021


I had to leave this review for the exceptional help I got from this smash repairer.

Bought a new car and within four weeks had a small scratch and chip on the door panel. Because of the unique colour Mazda Soul Red Crystal, this was going to cost quite a bit for a little scratch.

I got quoted $1000, $900 at two places and $800 at another. With speaking with one of the guys at Automotive Collision Centre who quotes the work. I think he was the owner he said straight away that the scratch might buff out and called the paint expert to come and look, on his inspection he also said this might buff out went back into the garage bought out his tools and buff most of the scratch out. Still, the chip on the paint was too deep which he went back into the shop and touched it up with some red he had already prepared.

But the owner and paint expert both told me was too small to worry about painting and the buffing and paint made the chip and scratch barely visible I ask how much for their help which they replied: “don’t worry about it”.

Everyone in the workshop was super friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate in taking your car to be repaired at Gainsford Body Repairs not only were they friendly and honesty the quote they did give me if I was going to get it fixed was cheaper than the three smash repairers who didn’t even bother offering any help and was really nice dealing with people who were so helpful and friendly.

I wouldn’t think second if I needed my car fixed. I would defiantly take my car to Automotive Collision Centre.

Thank you so much for helping me out…

Kind Regards,

Nolan L

Love this place, and they go above and beyond of what's expected. I was so happy with my car (red Holden Cruze) it came back brand new. Great team. I dealt with Kevin and met the owner. It's not only about the car but the customer as well.

Natalie Scott

Automotive Collision Centre has gone above, and beyond. The damage that was done to my car and you wouldn't even know as the job they have done is outstanding we would highly recommend you guys to anyone. We were always kept up to date with the progress of the work that had to be carried out which was a lot. Thank you soo much guys you have done an outstanding job.

Boris Ballango

Automotive Collision Centre is very helpful. They have done an excellent job on my Toyota Kluger. Thanks


Great work, very happy with the repair. Easy to book in and quick turn around.

Ashley W

Our car was in an accident recently and was sent to Automotive Collision Centre. I had such a great experience with this company, They went above and beyond there duty and went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for us and we can't thank them enough for the excellent job they did. I highly recommend this business. Thank you for all you did for us.

Loriene D

My vehicle was in a car accident and was repaired by this company. They went above and beyond with their service. Felt incredibly supported and was informed of what was happening each step of the repair process. Was repaired within 2 weeks. During that period I would have been without a car however they recommended Right2Drive, a service provides rental cars to drivers who aren't at fault. My car was returned fully repaired, washed and cleaned. It looked brand new. I strongly recommend and will now take my car there for future repairs.

Ben S

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